Marinoto Rest Home is Certified to provide hospital-level and palliative care as well as rest home, respite and day care.

Marinoto Rest Home is owned by the Inglewood Welfare Society which is a charitable non-profit organisation, all profits are reinvested back into the rest home.

Values at Marinoto

At Marinoto Rest Home, the jewel in Inglewood's elderly-care crown, there is a deep sense of pride as our dedicated staff strive to provide residents with just that in their home away from home. It is the only rest home in Inglewood to provide all five levels of care including Rest-Home, Hospital-Level, palliative, respite and day care. Marinoto, nestled in spacious grounds for its residents to enjoy, was set up by the community for the community in 1971.

Marinoto Rest Home

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Marinoto is spacious yet homely. Many of the living spaces look like one might expect in a large country home.

What we have to offer

Marinoto has a wonderful team of staff who are experienced and dedicated to caring for the elderly. The choice of activities are many and varied and the facilities are very homely.

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